About Us

FOCUS is an acronym denoting our commitment to committing human and technical resources to achieve Capacity, Health, Education, Livelihood, Advocacy and Participation for all. FOCUS is a local NGO, with a focus on rural and grassroots communities. FOCUS is well networked across the country acts locally and thinks globally. The goal and objectives of FOCUS reflect the fundamental principles of Constitution of Afghanistan as well as current International commitments to global development goals and conventions.

FOCUS was founded in 2014. The Vision, Goals and objectives of FOCUS were shaped through a strategic planning process. FOCUS was originally conceived as an ‘open door ‘ to meet the Information and Communication, Training and Capacity Building especially in media and Networking and sharing needs of local communities, groups and community-based organizations that are keen to undertake sustainable development initiatives.

FOCUS was built a core team of committed Executive Committee members and staff members who collectively have extensive experience in rural and social development. Most of the founding staff worked voluntarily or in a semi-voluntary capacity for the first year. Their common commitment was to create a local organization that would provide the information, linkages, visits, surveys, training and technical and morale support requested by the people and their local NGOs