CEO Message

To all Participants, to our donors, Co-organizers, to all foreign donors supporting the Afghanistan rebuild program and to all guests and visitors:

I am extremely delighted to greet you most cordially for the interest in Focus Development Organization (FDO). Afghanistan went through more than 30 year home war, and now it’s the time to rebuild this beautiful and historical land. Afghanistan today has two major challenges: human capital and infrastructure. In addition, Afghanistan has for centuries been center of trade, art and commerce and meeting point of great cultures and civilizations. All the international community, including many professional Afghans living abroad, must help to create the conditions for the country to pay this role once again. In supporting Afghanistan’s recovery, we should balance what Afghanistan does not have education, capacity, infrastructure and financial assets, with what are being taken, and physical as well as extraordinary power of Afghan people to survive and look forward.

Today, Afghanistan should not be a land of sorrow anymore; it should be the land of endless opportunities. It is possible that in a decade Afghanistan might become “a sample model” for peace building and economic revival. Furthermore, we are forecasting the immense positive impact of rebuild Afghanistan, and Focus Development Organization is doing its best bringing development across the country. We strongly believe that civil societies and NGOs initiative can stay stronger and longer than the any political, religious, tribal or ethnical groups. It encourages the communities’ prosperity and it empowers substantial development.

Please feel free to provide us further assistance.

Thank you,