FOCUS see education a key pillar to development. We focus on primary education especially on community based education. This increases access to children (boys and girls) in remote villages where formal schools do not function due to insecurity. Community based education also promotes/facilitate girls’ access to education who face impediments due to harmful traditional practices such as gender based segregation. Similarly, it facilitates the transfer of younger children to formal school when they are able to travel longer distance after completion of grade 6. This will also include teacher training, and creating safe environment and educational facilities for working and street children.

Focus offers adult learning and training in these core and other related areas at different levels and in different modes:

Popular education tours:  Participatory and interactive community dialogue, theatre and short documentaries)
Community-based or Organization-based participatory workshops based on units of Certificate Programs for Community-Based Service Providers (through Focus Programs)

In the future it is intended that adult learning facilities built into to our proposed Community Tele-center, will be a venue for computer-based self-study and research in these areas, as well as for night classes bringing public servants, local leaders, educators and community activists together for training that will stimulate lively discussion, debate and l earning circles

FOCUS develops full training packages, usually in association with International NGOs. FOCUS staff have the capacity to write curriculum, test it, refine it and design and publish training manuals and kits. We facilitate national and subnational workshops in areas like Conflict Prevention, Citizen’s Education, gender-based violence and popular and applied training in ICT applications for development.

FOCUS can deliver training in three languages:  Pashto, Dari and English.