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How can you help?

Volunteers are the complete self of Focus Development Organization FDO and are included in the majority of our projects. Our volunteers are a differing gathering that conveys to our organization an extensive variety of experience, ability and vitality. The backing of volunteers and their commitment to our work has helped our organization to develop and our staff to succeed. For information on volunteering with FDO, please Email at

We are dependably needing volunteers to help in the workplace doing administrative work and so onsite as maintenance personnel making repairs to our properties, and in serving on one of various committees, such as Fund Development or Marketing and Outreach. There are many reasons to volunteer, not the least of which is that your time and talent will make a huge difference in the life of someone who needs just what you have to offer!

It would be ideal if you know there is a spot for you! On the off chance that you have an ability or expertise you need to put to utilize, or simply have some extra time, consider volunteering!

Advantage of volunteering:

Volunteering has a significant, positive effect on your community. But did you realize that it can have numerous advantages for you as well? Here are a few motivations to volunteer:

Learn or build up another ability:

Volunteering is the ideal vehicle to find something you are better than average at and build up another aptitude. As Hazrat Ali (R.A) the fourth caliph said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn if you were to live forever”. It is never past the point where it is possible to learn new aptitudes and no motivation behind why you ought to quit adding as far as anyone is concerned only on the grounds that you are in occupation or have completed training. Arranging and executing a noteworthy raising support occasion can create objective setting, arranging and planning abilities. Administering and preparing different volunteers serves to create supervisory and preparing abilities. These are cases of aptitudes that can improve a profession however you don’t need to create abilities with expectation of encouraging your career.

Be part of your community:

No man or lady is an island. We here and there underestimate the group that we live in. individuals and social orders co-rely on upon one another for survival however development of such things as corporate greed are seeing customary qualities being ignored. Communities are enduring because of the development of confounded social orders yet in the meantime we can truly connect that growing hole through volunteering. What better path arrives to interface with your community and give a bit back? As a volunteer, you absolutely come back to society an advantages’ portion that society gives you.

Inspiration and Sense accomplishment:

In a broad sense, volunteering speaks the truth giving your time, vitality and abilities uninhibitedly. Not at all like numerous things in life there is decision included in volunteering. As a volunteer you have settled on a choice to help voluntarily, free from weight to act from others. Volunteers predominantly express a feeling of accomplishment and inspiration, and this is eventually created from your longing and energy to offer assistance. In some cases volunteers are regards as do-gooders and those that hold that view likewise accept that one individual can never have any kind of effect. The facts may prove that no individual can take care of the considerable number of words issues, yet what you can do is make that minimal corner of the world where you live only that tad bit better.

Individuals pay consideration on your life outside nature in which they have direct contact with you. For instance, you employer would be interested in the activities that gives you a good work-life balance, just as academic institutions are interested in you extra-curricular activities. Volunteering reflects and support a complete picture of you, and gives real examples of your commitment, dedication and interests. Show people what you are passionate about and you will inspire them too.

In conclusion, as just is defined that “place things at the right place” and also, we should know are realize that who we are, where we came from, what we came for and where we will go!