Media Center

FOCUS is evolving gradually, building its institutional base and management capacity, consolidating and refining its programs and finding its niche in the local and national development communities and contexts. FOCUS provides information services that are in great demand, and not being met by any private, government or NGO provider.

The current major activities of FOCUS are;

  1. Information and Communication (IAC)

An umbrella Multi-purpose Community Telecentre) housing central libraries and supporting public access to new information and communication technologies, with Sepik Information Sharing, an outreach and support program linking organized rural communities with information, communication and adult learning and further education opportunities.

  1. Community Training and Capacity Building (CTCB)

Developing courses and delivering training in core areas of:

  • Gender and Human Rights
  • Radom Cluster Surveys
  • Media Training and Education
  • Citizen’s Education For Active Participation and Good Governance
  • Community Planning, Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting