Focus Afghanistan Org

FOCUS is an acronym denoting our commitment to committing human and technical resources to achieve Capacity, Health, Education, Livelihood, Advocacy and Participation for all.

Focus Education Program

FOCUS see education a key pillar to development. We focus on primary education especially on community based education. This increases access to children (boys and girls) in remote villages where formal schools do not function due to insecurity. Community based education also promotes/facilitate girls’ access to education who face impediments due to harmful traditional practices such as gender based segregation.

Focus Child Protection Program

Focus works with communities to protect children by ensuring communities understand and take appropriate measures to ensure children’s right to protection and promote violence-free communities. In addition, Focus ensures that families understand the causes and consequences of violence against children, adopt positive parenting practices and protect their children, including emergency circumstances. Focus also works with children so they have the ability to protect themselves, and can advocate for and participate in child protection initiatives.

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