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Welcome to Focus Development Organization (FDO)

Focus Development Organization (FDO) is a non-profit organization established in 2015 in Afghanistan. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through sustainable development initiatives. We operate in various sectors including healthcare, education, justice, women empowerment, and capacity building. FDO is an NGO, with a focus on rural and grassroots communities and well networked across the country. The goal and objectives of FDO reflect the fundamental principles of Constitution of Afghanistan as well as current international commitments to global development goals and conventions. FDO was built a core team of Committed Executive Committee members and staff members who collectively have extensive experience in rural and social development.

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Building
  • Sanitation and Hygiene

  • FDO - Humanitarian Platform


    Disaster Relief Program

    Empowering communities in times of crisis through our dedicated disaster relief program.


    $44,525 Raised

    Unlimited Goal

    Bawar Force

    Fight Against COVID-19

    BAWAR FORCE fight against COVID-19 by educating and deliver relief services including food, medicine, PPE kits and social awareness to Afghan people.


    $200,571 Raised

    Unlimited Goal

    Health Care

    Doctor Plus – Best Doctor, Best Treatment

    DOCTOR PLUS digitized the health sector for the first time in Afghanistan history. Find and Book the appointment from best doctors in Afghanistan.


    $80,050 Raised

    Unlimited Goal

    Shamla Atelier

    Women Empowerment

    Providing opportunities in a sustainable cloth weaving factory, fostering economic independence and skill development to Afghan Women.


    $40,000 Raised

    $80,000 Goal


    Free Education

    Transforming lives through the gift of education, our program provides free learning opportunities to empower Afghan students for a brighter future.


    $40,000 Raised

    $80,000 Goal

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    FDO -Events

    Explore the impactful events organized by FDO, illuminating our commitment to positive change and community development.

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    Talking about FDO means discussing a dedicated organization in Afghanistan committed to making a meaningful impact through community-focused initiatives.

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    What is the primary mission of our organization?

    Focus is committed to working towards helping poor in Afghanistan, with a specific focus on improving the lives of Afghani people.

    How can individuals contribute to Focus's initiatives in Afghanistan?

    You can contribute by volunteering your time, making donations through our website tailored for Afghani donors, or participating in our fundraising events. Your support plays a crucial role in helping us achieve our mission to uplift the Afghani community.

    What types of projects does Focus undertake for the Afghani people?

    We focus on a range of projects specifically designed for the Afghani people, including [brief description of project categories, e.g., education, healthcare, community development]. Our diverse initiatives aim to address the unique needs of the Afghani community.

    How does Focus ensure transparency in its operations in Afghanistan?

    Transparency is a key value for us at Focus. We maintain open communication, provide regular updates on our projects through newsletters and social media, and undergo external audits to ensure accountability in all our activities in Afghanistan.

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